​Jeremy Barker- Personify3D

​Jeremy Barker is the founder and ownder of Barker Technology, LLC. Barker Technology uses state of th e art technology to create 3D scans of both objects and people. Barker Technology's flagship service is Personify 3D. A 3D scanner is used to quickly campture an accurate three deminsional image of a person, and then using polyjet 3D printing technology, a full color sandstone figuring is created and shipped to the customer. Barker Tech has streamlined and perfected the full body scanning process while keeping the price reasonable for every consumer.

​Jeremy's other passions include cultural and historical preservation. Using the same techniques, Barker Technology can digitally archive and preserve pricess historical artifacts. This also allows for the ability to crowdsource research on rare artifacts, allowing access for an unlmited number of people around the world by making the 3D scans and prints available to view and download on the internet. The full color 3D prints of these artifacts can even be used as educational aids which allow students the ability to get a hands on appreciation for the artifacts without risking the safety of the original.  

​Barker Technology is even revolutionizing the way that exhibits in museums are created and shown. By using 3D printing and scanning, we have helped to herald in a new method of creating exhibits that are less damaging to the original artifacts and also cheaper and more durable than plaster casting. You can see examples on display in the Virginia Museum of Natural History and the Museum of Arts and Sciences in Macon, Georgia.

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