The True Story of Henry Berry Lowery 

Henry Berry Lowery led a gang in North Carolina during and after the American Civil War. He is sometimes viewed as a Robin Hood type figure, especially by the Lumbee people, who consider him a Native American ancestor and a pioneer in the fight for civil rights and tribal self-determination. Lowery was described by George Alfred Townsend, a correspondent for the New York Herald in the late 19th century, as one of those remarkable executive spirits that arises now and then in a raw community without advantages other than those given by nature."

The film will be directed by a golden globe director (To Be Announced) and several other stars will have lead roles. The production will be that of indigenous minority and women.  Stay tuned for more information.
Dr. David Oxendine, member of the Lumbee Tribe of North Carolina and is a professor in the School of Education at the University of North Carolina-Pembroke . Dr. Oxendine has written the script for the film, outlining the true story of the "red man" persecuted for being an American Indian. He shares the appreciation for the local history and a passion for the compelling Henry Berry Lowery story.  Dr. Oxendine, also directed "Strike at the Wind", an outdoor drama about Henry Berry Lowery for 15 seasons.

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