Niki Brooks
CEO and President
Dwight Chavis
Co-Chair  and Executive Vice President
Dwight Chavis serves as the Executive Vice President and Co-Chair of Lumbee River Productions, Inc. Dwight is a member of the Lumbee Tribe and lives in Lumberton, North Carolina.   Dwight has had a 30 year career in management at a major Fortune 500 Company in Southeastern North Carolina. His experience included business and project design, development, implementation, budgeting and financing, and quality assurance. Dwight also spent 12 years in the U.S. Navy as a language interpreter. He has a BS in Psychology Degree from the University of North Carolina – Pembroke. Dwight is an accomplished musician and community leader.  His responsibilities include business management of Lumbee River Productions and coordination of its program design, development, marketing, implementation, and financing.
Lauren Cramer
Public Relations Director/ Art Director

Lauren has a niche for communicating with people.  Lauren is also a gifted and talented artist.  She began drawing at an early age and has continued creating artwork throughout her entire life.  With her talents, she will be able to wear two separate hats with the company.  She has a BS in Biology degree from the University of West Georgia and a MS in Biology degree from Georgia State University. Some of her recent art projects include designing the city flag for her hometown and creating the album cover art for modern folk band "The Soundbites."  She specifically enjoys drawing portraits in her spare time and specializes in graphite, colored pencil and acrylic paint.  She is particularly talented in taking the ideas of others and bringing them to life on paper. Lauren currently resides in Villa Rica, GA with her husband, Jeffrey, and their dog, Nash.  Lauren will work with media outlets to publish timely company information, such as movie releases, brochures, and other materials.  She will ensure communication strategy is consistent and reflects Lumbee River Production's strategic vision.  Part of this vision will be to manage relationships with media outlets. 

Bryan Crespo
Board Member

Bryan’s acting career began at the age of 12 and he has been engaged in his professional acting career for 20 years. Bryan is a member of the Lumbee Tribe of North Carolina. He received actor’s training at three studios in the Greater Atlanta area and has been a part of many feature films, commercials, and television series. He has created Lumbee River Productions Inc. to provide education and training for American Indian young adults in North Carolina and the Southeastern United States and non-American Indian young adults who have a special interest in multi-cultural approaches to film-making.  The work of Lumbee River Productions includes the management and coordination of a 12-month, Film Studio Associate Program that provides education, training, and experience in all aspects of movie-making and the direction and production of films that have a focus on Native American themes and careers in the movie business.
Richard Chavis
Catastrophic Event Coordinator

After serving 4 years in the United States Marine Corps, Richard studied Business Administration at the University of NC at Pembroke. He began his professional career with IBM working as an inventory control specialist in their Think Pad division and was responsible for a team which processed global order fulfillment management upwards of $100 million in orders annually. He also spent over 10 years working within IBM's Human Resource Outsourcing division overseeing the Implementation of multiple clients in support of their defined HR requirements. He has worked with Accenture as a Business Analyst responsible for meeting and managing client expectations, as well as maintain program-wide approaches, plans, policies, and procedures, including operating, business continuity, security, and quality plans. His most recent roll includes the Project Manager of Implementation with Triose a leader in full service solutions for all freight management needs for major healthcare systems nation wide.

Sabrina Locklear
Chief Financial Officer

Sabrina Locklear is a member of the Lumbee Tribe and lives in Lumberton, North Carolina.  Sabrina reports directly to the CEO and Executive VP.  Sabrina has 18 years of experience in financial management and leadership and 15 years of managing her own business.  She served as Finance Director and Assistant Director of the Robeson County Health Department and Assistant Finance Director of the Lumberton Housing Authority, managing annual budgets of up to $12 million.  She is a successful sales director with BeautiControl and provided successful management of a sales team with over $200,000 in annual sales. Sabrina assists the Chief Financial Officer with program management, implementation, marketing, and data collection and is responsible for the financial management and reporting of Lumbee River Productions.  Sabrina has a BS in Business Management Degree from University of North Carolina - Pembroke.
Dr. David Oxendine

Dr. Oxendine is an advisor to the Lumbee River Productions team.  Dr. Oxendine is a member of the Lumbee Tribe of North Carolina and is a professor in the School of Education at the University of North Carolina-Pembroke since 2005.  Dr. Oxendine teaches educational psychology and earned a master’s degree in counselor education and a Ph.D. in psychology at NC State University. He earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Theatre from Catawba College.  Dr. Oxendine has an appreciation for local history and a passion for the Henry Berry Lowrie story.   Dr. Oxendine adapted the book; "To Die Game" (written by Dr. William McKee Evans) into his screenplay of the same title.  The book "To Die Game" is a true story about Henry Berry Lowrie and his gang and the rigors and prejudices of living in Scuffletown (nowaday Pembroke) during the civil war years.  Dr. Oxendine was also the Artistic Director for the outdoor drama "Strike at the Wind" for 15 seasons. "Strike at the Wind" portrayed the life and times of the same character; Henry Berry Lowrie.
Alpha Trivette

Alpha has had success in nearly every area of entertainment; radio, TV, stage, audiobook narration and film. Alpha is a gifted actor who has played in highly diverse roles throughout his career.  Alpha is currently starring in Tyler Perry's "Too Close To Home" on TLC.  Alpha holds a degree in Agriculture Economics with a minor in Communications from Virginia Tech, where he first explored acting.  Once he had graduated to the professional world of public relations, he felt the call of the stage and tried standup comedy and acting full time.  He soon landed roles in feature films and commercials and headlining gigs at some of America's great comedy clubs.  It was a night as a headliner that opened the door to his 25-year career as a major market morning radio personality.  
Cindy Shook

Cindy has experience in the auction business for 25 years and served in the role of office manager as “Cindy” on Discovery Channel’s “Auction Kings”.  She was the heart of Gallery 63 on the show. She was responsible for handling all inventory, tagging every piece of the 500 lots a week that the auction house took in and for collecting money from winning bidders. She fell in love with the film industry during her tenure on the show. Cindy has returned to her acting career after spending time in  her fulfilling, non-acting role as a full-time grandmother. 

Mike R. Tinker

Mike, a chameleon of sorts-from different looks to different characters.  Mike is a versatile actor of remarkable range and incredible intensity.  From a young age onward he was interested in acting.  From backyard plays written and starred in, to community theater and to his high school musical "Grease," in which he played Kenickie.  Mike couldn't wait to get out to Hollywood.  After graduating magna cum laude from the University of Tampa-Florida in 1996, in three and a half years, he went out knowing no one and he had only five hundred dollars in his pocket.  After two years and a national commercial under his belt, he felt dissatisfied and out of place.  After many years away and searching, he has returned to his love of acting, this time with a purpose.  He is using his God given talent to be a light in the world of entertainment thru film and television.  In just a short time he is being sought after for his professionalism, character, and talent.   
Lucy A. Fazely

Lucy is an independent artist whose diverse works include published author, produced screenwriter, executive producer, associate producer, produced playwright, fabric designer, quilt designer, pattern writer, technical writer, technical editor, graphic illustrator, quilt teacher, lecturer and design consultant.
Stephen Berger
Entertainment Lawyer

Stephen Berger earned his JD from Georgia State University College of Law, his BA in philosophy from UCLA and his MFA from the UCLA School of Film, Theater and Television. Stephen previously worked as a professional screenwriter in Los Angeles, selling screenplays to Warner Bros. Studios and Paramount Pictures, and worked with such industry professionals as Gary Lucchesi (Academy Award Winning Producer of Million Dollar Baby); Nancy Tennenbaum (producer, Meet the Parents, Meet the Fockers and Little Fockers); Denise Di Novi (Producer, Batman Returns, If I Stay, and former producing partner of Tim Burton); and Amy Pascal (Chairman of the Sony Pictures Entertainment Motion Picture Group). His scripts have been produced by Miramax Films, Alliance Pictures and Walt Disney / Dimension Films, among others. He’s worked with such actors as Johnny Depp, Kevin Spacey, Charlize Theron, Heather Graham and Naomi Watts, and he produced a hit, nationally syndicated TV series (Blind Date). In Los Angeles, Stephen taught screenwriting at the UCLA Extension Writer’s Program, and then taught screenwriting at Atlanta Film Festival 365. Stephen has brought his extensive experience in "the industry" to his law practice, and he has a unique insider's perspective on entertainment law that comes from being a working film and TV professional.

Summer Williams
Non-Profit Lawyer/ 501(c)3 Advisor

Summer Williams is a young and vibrant transactional attorney with a passion for doing deals. She earned her JD from Emory University School of Law and a Certificate from Emory’s Center for Transactional Law and Practice. She obtained her BA in History and Economics from Florida State University, graduating summa cum laude. Ms. Williams possesses a knack for analyzing, negotiating, and drafting contracts and previously worked as a Consumer Protection Attorney at Cornerstone Legal Group.

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