Drama, Love, & Sex a perfect southern affair! Set at the striking Canoa Heights Country Club, we are introduced to the beautiful and dramatic lives of the Canoa Heights staff. Whether they are laughing, crying or fighting with one another. The Canoa Heights staff will experience a summer that will change each of their lives forever.

The Canoa Heights staff is lead by Miss Jane Moore (Veronica Slater), a stern and sometimes cold woman who only accepts the best service from her staff. The Canoa Heights core staff includes Brandon James (Sterling Hurst), the notoriously promiscuous Front Desk Manager; Micheal Saunders (Cayce Guest), the emotionally scarred Head of Food and Beverage; Robert Preston (Edward Solis), the new guy at the resort with a complicated past; Ashley Rhodes (Taylor Kalupa)a sweet yet naive member of the front desk staff; Chris Jackson (Damien Michael Chase), the Assistant Golf Pro at the resort and Ashley’s love interest; Jamal Norr (Cameron Lyons), a maintenance work for Canoa Heights and Michael’s on and off again lover; Madison Locke(Pamela Ricardo) a unknown guest who stirs up the resort, Plus a surprise summer visit by Canoa Heights most wealthy client and Drag Queen, Roxy Parker (Erik Dillard), who will make the summer highly scandalous!

Canoa Heights promises to push the envelope and deliver hot sexy drama that only the south can provide

Canoa Heights creater Cayce Guest

Cayce Guest, who has worked in the TV and Film industry since 2011, appearing in several TV Series before starting his own production company in 2013. Cayce Guest has learned from experience and training on the Production/Crew side of the business along with the Creative/Talent side of the business. Cayce has been featured on such series as MTV’s Teen Wolf, The CW’s Vampire Diaries, TV One’s “Fatal Attraction” and in such films as Hallmark’s “The Lost Valentine”. Such credits can be found on IMBd. Cayce Guest is the creator and one of the Executive Producers for the series “Canoa Heights.”


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    Canoa Heights Behind the Scenes

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